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Holiday/travel, e-commerce, auctions, revenue sharing; we offer our customers and freelance agents this and more.

Who are we: The company Multibuy is a family business that was founded 23 years ago (1994) in Rome by the Santigli family under the name Promo Italia. The company began with the commercialisation of marketing cards with offset printing, thermography and screen printing. In the following years, the company achieved immense success in the tourism sector with its "Fidelity" card.

Customers: 155,000 satisfied customers and continuously rising

Partner: A variety of amazing partners such as Illycaffè, Marriott, Cisal, Costa Crociera etc. etc.

Official Websites: www.multibuy.it as well as www.multibuytravel.it as well as www.multibuyorg.it as well as www.wonderlandclub.it as well as www.multibuyworld.it (translations of all sites will be made during the first half of 2017).

Offices: "Rome" in Italy and "Sliema" in Malta.

Multibuy’s objective with Multibuyworld: With Multibuyworld, Multibuy has set itself the long-term goal of offering its clients and agents highly reputable products, services and commission systems. The company has been demonstrating this for 23 years and will continue doing so successfully.

MultibuyWorld: Due to Multibuy's great success and experience in marketing its products and services in direct "offline" sales, in 2016 the company decided to launch a new business with a fantastic, exceptional concept which operates "online" under the similar-sounding name MultibuyWorld.

What does MultibuyWorld offer? We introduce our customers to online advertising and auctions worldwide related to travel and e-commerce, along with a revenue sharing program. The customer can use up to 50% of the money he pays for online advertising for travel and e-commerce via Eurocredits. The customer also receives Eurocredits at no additional cost.
(Eurocredit is equivalent to a discount, in that one Eurocredit is equal to one euro).

With these additional Eurocredits, which are displayed to the customer on Multibuy's website, the customer can book trips at a reduced price on Multibuy's website or fully purchase Eurocredits and/or products at a reduced price in the e-commerce section of Multibuy's website.
At the same time, the customer has the opportunity of participating in revenue sharing. This concept is fantastic and exceptional in this market.

Imagine the following: You wish to promote your company advertising, products, services or even yourself online, worldwide, and to use the money for a holiday at the same time. With MultibuyWorld you have this fantastic opportunity. You acquire online advertising at Multibuyworld. For 50% of the price for which you have received online advertising, you additionally receive Eurocredits for fully booking your holiday or doing so at a reduced price, or can take advantage of Multibuy's e-commerce area with your Eurocredits, purchase discounted products, and take part in revenue sharing. Fantastic!

Have we aroused your interest? Register now, purchase your product, and become a happy Multibuy customer.